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British Government Censors Press TV

September 18, 2012 by admin  
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The British government has frozen the bank account of Press Tv in a bid to silence the channel’s voice. Press tv among other channels has been giving an alternative view of world events which contradicts state mouthpiece bbc and has undermined its monopoly on the british public world view.

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6 Responses to “British Government Censors Press TV”
  1. udical says:

    yea but they are still little bit better than others, they? cheat still only in big, that s of course better

  2. Salahuddin2009a says:

    Britain tried to block Press TV: WikiLeaks

    The British Foreign? Office has tried to abuse UN sanctions on Iran to limit the operation of the country’s news broadcaster Press TV in Britain, according to information published by the whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks.

    U.S. State Department cables published by WikiLeaks show that the British Foreign Office told the U.S. embassy in London back in February that it was “exploring ways to limit the operations of… Press TV.”

  3. mustazaf14 says:

    Hypocrasy? of the West.

  4. mohalishaf says:

    Another joke of the puppet propaganda machines shunning the lights? from its own peoples..


    typicall double standard of? the west, they allow only the things they want and then they preach about freedom of speach, what a joke

  6. yaQaim says:

    is this the freedom of speech/expression the united kingdom boasts about??

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