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Arrests will energize ANONYMOUS movement

April 11, 2012 by admin  
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Arrests will energize ANONYMOUS movement Hacking groups like Anonymous and LulzSec are movements that have “resorted to direct action,” and prosecuting their members is only going to make things worse, Robert Harris, a member of the UK Pirate Party, told RT. “I think prosecuting and locking them up will not actually cause any significant damage,” he said. “It is only going to make things worse and encourage more people to join the group.” On Tuesday top members of the infamous computer-hacking group LulzSec were arrested by the FBI and charged with conspiracy. Following the arrests another prominent hacking organization, Anonymous, posted on its Twitter feed: “LulzSec was a group, but Anonymous is a movement. Groups come and go, ideas remain.” Anonymous is just a collection of people with the same beliefs without an organizational structure “in a sense you would get in a neo-political party,” Harris says. “They don’t see the democratic structures open enough for them to be able to participate with their views.” ‘Part of society awaits Internet revolution’ There is no simple answer to whether hackers’ actions should be treated as clearly criminal or as something being done for society as a whole, believes human rights lawyer Katarzyna Szymielewicz. “I’m sure there will be a serious dispute about the role of LulzSec and how we should treat their actions,” she said. “That dynamic reflects a very difficult situation in the society.” The idea of an “Internet revolution” hangs

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10 Responses to “Arrests will energize ANONYMOUS movement”
  1. TotalImplosion says:

    Anonymous is a CIA? asset.

  2. MR1QUEST says:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent? revolution inevitable.” –? John F. Kennedy

  3. 829speedy says:

    so lets all stand up? against them!

  4. r6turbo12 says:


  5. 13radz says:


  6. elgatochurro says:

    letsee, hackers online (everyone that has a computer should know how to hack it, it’s actually what things were like when personal computers came out) or a big brother regime that already doesn’t care about us, ruined the economies, makes people kill each other, constantly lies to us and exploits us as? a whole……

    hard choice right?

  7. elgatochurro says:


  8. greg357159 says:

    Sympathy ? Hell yes! We the people need and want brave heros ! Jail the real criminals, the “Governments”.. the warmongers and? liars.

  9. 6Matt7 says:

    #STOPACTA Let? Keep Going Forward Y’all Keep Learning With Knowledge

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