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any proxy sites for watching videos on you tube?

November 21, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Shuddhasattwa: any proxy sites for watching videos on you tube?

I have opened youtube through various proxy sites such as coldbrain.info, utopianpal, etc. but none of them is working. When i click on video to watch it shows on video window “An error occurred please try again later.” Please any one suggest other proxy web sites.

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Answer by Mike D
Here’s a free proxy created today:


-Unblock ANY Website
-watch youtube videos
-download up to 50 MB
-hide you IP and stay anonymous
-Fast and hosted on a dedicated server

I get new proxies here everyday:


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7 Responses to “any proxy sites for watching videos on you tube?”
  1. John C says:

    School computers are for school work only!

  2. Sdafdsf says:

    use 1 of the below


    proxies get blocked very fast..to get Fresh Proxies right to your mail
    join the group

  3. ds says:

    Facebook, Myspace and other Proxy address that changes daily.

    Today’s address (3/17) is: port 80

    Get the daily free proxy address here:


  4. Tony Wilson says:


    I dunno about youtube.com . It used to work with pagemod proxies.
    Anyways now i use http://www.cityradiorwanda.biz/ from pagemod itself.

    Myspace and facebook works like a charm.
    also signup for new proxies on their homepage

  5. D says:

    You can try one of the links below. They’re pretty new so they should work in most places, they work with facebook, myspace and youtube and have no download limits.


    You can also bookmark http://centralxy.com which will list any new and reliable.

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