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Any one know a new proxy server for FaceBook?

December 10, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Emmie: Any one know a new proxy server for FaceBook?

None of the proxy servers are working! INCLUDES: freedur, skydur, sneakme, and more. These are computers at school and must be on the EDGE of technology. I have tried everything! I have tried getting rid of the blocks and proxies but my computer blocks it all. SOME ONE HELP ITS SO BORING! We dont even do anything in this computer class! I’m surprised it let me on yahoo!

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Answer by scapemaster2100

the link now goes to instead of . And is the Facebook Mobile interface. The regular Facebook site has a lot of JavaScript and other features that can make it incompatible with the Circumventor sites.

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One Response to “Any one know a new proxy server for FaceBook?”
  1. Dublin says:

    None of the proxies are going to work, the web filters are very good these days. There is also the issue of the danger of proxy servers.

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