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Any good proxy sites for loading large photo files?

September 17, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Ichigo: Any good proxy sites for loading large photo files?

I have a website that I absolutely adore that hosts very high quality (and therefore VERY large) picture scans. However, it was recently blocked from the computer I use. The only site I found that let me go into the site, only let me load pics up to 4mb, most on this site are 7mb, 12mb, and up. I want these pics but I can’t find a proxy site that loads high quality pics very well. Does anyone know of one?

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Answer by Ardnek U
How about

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7 Responses to “Any good proxy sites for loading large photo files?”
  1. Anonymode says:

    Try out these brand new proxies. These proxies support MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, and just about any other website. Just type in a URL and press GO!
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  2. Bong says:

    Use the middle one: “glype” if you want to download large files (large than 9MB). or or or or

    Join mailing list to get new sites so you can use other sites when those sites get blocked.

  3. Kleszcz says:

    Many proxy owners don’t allow downloading such large file through their proxy sites. Bandwidth costs lots of money. You should set up your own proxy site.

  4. HasJ says:

    Proxies won’t do this very well if at all. You need a Personal VPN to effectively do this at a reasonable speed. The other advantage of a Personal VPN over the proxy is that it doesn’t get blocked so you don’t need to find new ones all the time.

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