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Anonymouse you’ve crossed the Line!! Don’t spin my videos!

November 27, 2010 by admin  
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My video to the movement was about the lack of interest from the public as we are only engage the public verbally. That the public dosen’t understand what we are talking about, like you guys for example! Don’t fucking tell me what I said in MY video!? Here’s their video…


26 Responses to “Anonymouse you’ve crossed the Line!! Don’t spin my videos!”
  1. Anon15Allofus says:


    Fascist? You’re kidding, right? Wow guy…

  2. Anon15Allofus says:


    We were not banned and you’re the only butt-hurt person here. Sorry to burst your bubble. You a very sad yourself and have no life it looks like.

  3. Anon15Allofus says:


    Your comments come off as “imaginary assumptions” if you haven’t checked out the rest of our material and choose to misrepresent us. Plain stupidity.

  4. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus compared to your video material, I base my writings in fact, where you base them in self imaginary assumptions.

  5. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus You can’t even figure out your own life and resort to lying propagande, and yet claim that the rest of the world is with you? Judging from your narrow worldview, you have most likely never left the town in witch you where born. Insulting the late hippie movement does nothing to me other than bring associations towards your fascist behavior.

  6. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus Ive read all the replies and soon also watched all your lying propaganda videos! It is becomming more clear to me how you must really hurt inside from this terrible thing that happened to you, such as being banned from an online forum… I can only imagine the truma you must suffer… LMAO You actually are very sad…

  7. mikrobluess says:

    Anon15Allofus is nothing but a disturbed person who feel violated because he got banned from an online forum. This was so hurtfull to him that he now spends all his time spreading lies and propaganda. I truly hope his mother signs him up for a doctors apointment soon, the poor kid might have a total breakdown?

  8. Anon15Allofus says:


    Read the replies and beahve with your armchair psychology, you dont know a thing about psychology you are making yourself look retarded. The evidence here is clear your friend had an outburst at what we said even though we agreed with him, your intereference is not helping matters either, you are just another memebrs reacting badly in ublic.

  9. Anon15Allofus says:


    There are 6.6 billion of us who are not with you. You are minority there are less of you than there are people who went to woodstock, most of them cant remember it either.

  10. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus the only irrational and emotional unstable person is you. Its called projecting, you might wanna look it up. You have devoted your time to spred lies, propagande and hate, because you feel hurt. Its ok to feel hurt, but its not ok to spread lies for selfish reasons.

  11. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus People would not be so against it you say?? who are they?? the 23 viewers you have in your videos? There are several hundrud thousand members of the zeitgeist movement so far and ofcourse some will not continue. Again your knowledge about groupwork and projects are very limited

  12. Anon15Allofus says:


    What are you talking about?

    Muttering on about things you dont know about again?

  13. Anon15Allofus says:


    There are no lies being spread and as we have said too many times to mention we were not banned from an online forum, we were not even posting to be banned in a forum.

  14. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus what a ridicoulus assumption, as if the members can’t think for them selves. If you had any knowledge about project being build, you would know that there are always members ready to move further before other members and that is not a negative thing at all. You however twist and turn facts to make them seem unrealistic and that is propaganda.

  15. mikrobluess says:

    @Anon15Allofus The only thread around here are you guys, intemidating people, spreading lies and talking nonsense. If you don’t wanna get down with us in the zeitgeist movement, thats fine, just don’t. But spreading lies because you feel hurt from being banned from an online forum, is sickening.

  16. Anon15Allofus says:

    what that we talk to people who are members and non members about your movement?
    People talk thats cwaht is called conversation, we present said dialogue.

    You seem to be the creepy one here, anyone looking at this video will see the rants of a person who is emotionally unstable over reacting to people who agreed with him. They will then see a rational conversation from the people you are claiming to be the baddie abd deduce that you were the person acting out of order.

  17. GalinorGustave says:

    @Anon15Allofus wow! that sounds even more creepy.

  18. Anon15Allofus says:

    Those are not the people we are talking about, those are just members we know of who were banned.
    We talk to people in your movement now this very minute, active pro members who have issues with it who can not express them on the forum. They do it and have no idea they are doing it because we are anonymous even to them.

  19. GalinorGustave says:

    @Anon15Allofus Ya I’ve seen the Nanos videos & others. what of it?

  20. Anon15Allofus says:

    You are not talking to people who dont know anything about your movement here, you are talking to people who know everything about your movement, even as much as your leaders do about it. Because we have researched it since it began and followed it quietly.

    We know how members feel about it, because we talk to them and ex members on a daily basis, we present information given to us by both sides of the fence.
    Criticisms from people in your movement and out side.

  21. Anon15Allofus says:


    You do not give people enough credit, people are very knowledgable and understand a lot. maybe the people you have talked to or know dont, but the people we know are very intelligent in all academic fields.
    Even these people see similarities in communism/socialism/utopian claims inyour movement. As well as seeing it do nothing but make claims.

    These are not mere trivial points they are academic and researched observations

  22. GalinorGustave says:

    @Anon15Allofus Uhh ya they are cuz they say things like “sounds like communism” or “that’s a utopia” No one seems to understand what were talking about. I don’t know how much more clear I can make it than that.

  23. GalinorGustave says:

    @Anon15Allofus Were frustrated by groups like yours adding to the problem. How can you say it’s not promoting people to not join the movement? It clearly says “Those you recruit will feel like you do… once they realize the movement dose none of the things that you do yourself.” Uhh? ya your discouraging people from joining this movement. It’s clear as day dude!

  24. Anon15Allofus says:


    Humanity are not dummed down they are apathetic towards people making claims and not fulfilling them, if a movement came along and actually fulfilled its claims and made good on its promises you would see different reactions.

    Learn this key point and quit blaming others for your movements failures, we are not stopping you doing things, your movement is inactive and not doing anything itself.
    Now if you changed that it may be completely different

  25. Anon15Allofus says:


    We here believe your movement is failing because it does nothing, it uses claims and does nothing about them. This is the exact reasons most people see it as a joke. You yourself are even experiencing the effects of it. As well as seeing it to be truth.

    This we see eye to eye on.

    Your emotional outbursts towards us are not helpful trust us, we here do not see the point in it, if your movement can not deal with its own flaws and criticisms of its flaws it will fail fact.

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