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Anonymous Web Browsing

October 26, 2010 by admin  
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-Anonymous Web Browsing- Video Links: What Is Xb Browser? xB Browser is an anonymous web browser designed to run on both the Tor and XeroBank anonymity networks, and is available as component of the XeroBank Installer. xB Browser was previously called Torpark, and is released under a license[3] that restricts usage by malware and commercial interests. xB Browser was originally forked from Portable Firefox web browser with Tor access built into it, but was redesigned from scratch in 2007. It is designed for use on portable media such as a USB flash drive but it can also be used on any hard disk drive. As such, a secure and encrypted connection to any of the Tor or XeroBank routers can be created from any computer with a suitable internet connection, and the browser clears all data that was created on the portable drive upon exit or on demand.

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14 Responses to “Anonymous Web Browsing”
  1. Presto21123 says:

    when i try to watch videos it says i need flash. i try to download it but it doesn’t work. any tips

  2. deusnovus says:

    it’s ok but so fuckin slow, can’t even google on it …

  3. deusnovus says:

    it’s ok but so fuckin slow, can’t even google on it …

  4. PhatThePirate says:

    @korkiwi oh wow dude you’re lame, what are you 80 years old? About 80% of our entire population is slacking nowadays so jus don’t even try getting “back in the day” with us.

  5. korkiwi says:

    “It will help you slack off at work or school”

    Great that’s just what we need, more people not doing what their supposed to do. used this years ago when I was still at school, and I only used it when I was done with all of my work, not to slack off.

  6. RFartzCool says:

    The free version is too slow. plz provide us with a serial if possible. thx

  7. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    Got that shit unlocked now haha

  8. dementedstickfigure says:

    dongle lol

  9. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    Can you upload this on rapidshare as my dongle blocks allot of sites and haven’t had the chance to remove the block. It blocks the website too.

    Thank you

  10. 1Bombsaway says:

    Explosive, 5er.

  11. Rouge7TechSupport says:

    There is no Serial this is freeware…..Last i checked at least

  12. santo567 says:

    we neeed a serial!! plz

  13. Rouge7TechSupport says:

    Anything you Can do On Your Regular Browser You can Do with this.

  14. diegoel777 says:

    Can i watch youtube video with this browser. Nice video

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