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Anonymous vs Scientology: The matter of religion.

May 2, 2012 by admin  
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In their response to Anonymous, the members of the Church of Scientology have proved to me that the accusations that have been made against their organization are frighteningly true. Allegations have been made that Anonymous is guilty of censorship and religious bigotry – both from the Church itself, as well as idle spectators. This is not true. The Church of Scientology is not a religion. It is a cult. This is a fact. There is no longer room for debate. Scientology is dangerous, and has ruined many lives. By acknowledging Scientology as a “religion” – the masses have begun to erode the value of real religion. This extends to all shades of belief, and non belief. Scientology exists purely to exploit its followers, and serves no true spiritual or religious purpose. Its belief structure is designed to produce profit for its leaders. Freedom of speech extends to Ideals and philosophies. Words. What is being fought here is not the right of Scientology to exists, but the right for it to tear families apart with brainwashing, intimidation and criminal negligence. The Church of Scientology has repeatedly used its Fair Game policy to silence the speech of others who have attempted to reveal its corrupt and criminal nature. It is Scientology that has abused law and the First Amendment in order to prevent the truth of their agenda from being revealed. Not Anonymous. The goals of Anonymous are for the good of people who seek justice. It is time for all people around the world to end

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25 Responses to “Anonymous vs Scientology: The matter of religion.”
  1. ANONYMOUS49588 says:

    If you are not aware of it, here is a useful link: Ex Scientologist Message Board, where you can meet? other people who have left CoS.

    This Anonymous is known to the Australian CoS and I know I am an SP.

    Whatever you think about Anonymous, we DO stand up to CoS and will continue to until that dirty organisation no longer exists.

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    We do not forgive Scientology
    We not forget
    Expect us.

  2. ANONYMOUS49588 says:

    Anonymous are legion, “we are many” so that while we all agree about the big issues, we are not a group that entirely agrees on? everything. However we support each other in freedom of speech. With this all in mind, THIS Anonymous is neither concerned with “is it a religion or a cult” but that CoS is a corrupt organisation that is ripping people off, destroying lives, breaks up families, ignores worker’s rights, etc. I agree with your words, & it you are ex- CoS, I salute you for your courage.

  3. arkadenoe says:

    Thats exactly what those big asses over at the studio want us to believe. They knew? the info would leak so they took charge instead. Tricking us into saying this is all FAKE we will do nothing to stop it and then they can make millions out of us.

  4. latinelf says:

    “Hackers? on steroids!” Word is that a Hollywood motion picture is going to tell all about them: anonymousthemoviedotcom.

  5. holio84 says:

    All religions are fraud. It has become very apparent lately that the new virtue of all religion is lie and it is prevelant in? any attempt to defend themselves. If you have to resort to lie to defend yourself – guilty.

  6. Michaelmop says:

    I feel sorry for the peeps that actually fell for the biggest bullshit story of all time, religion. I live for myself, and the peeps i care about.? Peeps should get some eyes and see how life really is, don’t waste your fucking time on ‘religion’. Believe in yourself, not in some fucking BULLSHIT STORY. Get some brains, and while ur busy, get some eyes/ears as well.

  7. D3m0nsLuvP13 says:

    And you’re the? one getting the thumbs down.

  8. lambear2008 says:

    Keep it up? coil–you rock and you are right!!

  9. pawletoe says:

    cult=religion dumbass…? look up the dictionary

  10. ToryluvsLRH says:

    Lets be honest here. You dont have a clue as to what brainwashing is and you have never set foot in a Scn org. You dont have a clue as to what most religions do. I dont know if aliens make any more sense than devils or angels. I dont really care about that stuff. ? Explain what it means to be brainwashed and why that would not apply to anonymous.

  11. ToryluvsLRH says:

    I read your comment and it was the dumbest thing I ever read. Let me guess … you read all the “reports”. This is America! PROOF … not slanderous opinion is how this country runs. COS is still going strong wordwide. That trumps your? lies …

  12. Asuomynoa says:

    Pudsy you can have whatever feelings you like about religion, but it has nothing to do with Anonymous’ fight against the Co$. Google Lisa McPherson. Google Elli Perkins. Look on Wikipedia for “Fair Game (scientology)” and “Operation Snow White.” LURN MOAR.
    Scientology is a criminal organization which suppresses free speech and defrauds, blackmails and kills its adherents. Go ahead and accuse other? religions of the same thing. No religion walks away with no blood on their hands. But CoS is evil.

  13. suppressiveelite says:

    False on all accounts. Scientology is a bureaucratic corporate organization that’s set to market their faith for the ABSOLUTE profitable gain of their leaders, and this is done to an extreme that would make every? other voluntary-donation religion jealous.

  14. deadlychickenxop says:

    hmm it IS no different from any other religion,? they ALL are designed to deliver wewalth and power to the leaders. That has always been every religions sole purpose.

  15. jofo817 says:

    research the connections between L Ron? Hubbard and Alesiter Crowley (Satanist) and Jack Parsons (Occultist and friend of Crowley) notice the many “parallels”

  16. jofo817 says:

    research the connections between L Ron Hubbard and Alesiter Crowley (Satanist) and Jack Parsons (Occultist and friend of Crowley) notice the many? “parallels”

  17. jofo817 says:

    research the connections between? L Ron Hubbard and Alesiter Crowley (Satanist) and Jack Parsons (Occultist and friend of Crowley) notice the many “parallels”

  18. jofo817 says:

    research the connections between L Ron Hubbard and Alesiter Crowley (Satanist) and Jack Parsons (Occultist and friend of Crowley) notice? the many “parallels”

  19. Mortello says:

    The time for debate is over, Scientology welcomes far too many people to trust, this will not be a short term battle. This will not end, Anonymous does not forgive, does not forget, and is legion. GO? GO GO!!!

  20. Anonymous0fAll says:

    We? also fight to let the voices of those now gone, to speak out and yell the crimes and atrocities the church has so vehemently tried to suppress and hide.

    Like a stubborn old sailor who refuses the treatment of a lesion, Scientology will too, also be treated in due time and answer for it crimes against humanity and free speech it so desperately and passionately attempts to cover up.

    Beware the Ides of March
    Expect us…
    …More of us

  21. BXRawr says:

    I am an atheist, and I? also think you are oversimplifying the matter.

  22. auchraw says:

    That implies accurate honest speech or? it’s worth nothing.

  23. auchraw says:

    From watchin videos from all over the world I got the distinct impression that the rules of the subculture called Anonymous produced peaceful law-abiding protestors with hardly a bum note, and no rehearsals, just some suggestions for the most effective way to go. All the intimidation, instilling fear, bullying, threats, maintaining? secrecy etc have been on the part of Co$ which is still carrying out illegal acts on the Internet, taking down videos, posting porn, etc etc.

  24. auchraw says:

    How can Anon not agree with this? Certain aspects of Scientology have been deliberately introduced to make it look like a religion, both for tax purposes and to help recruitment – the double cross, the ministers, talk of peace and souls and making a new and better world. Most of its members believe all of this. But those who? run the cult do not believe any of it. They`run the organisation for financial gain and don’t care how much damage they do. I think this is the significant point.

  25. coilproxy says:

    You’re forgetting that Scientology was begun, and? continues to exist, as a fraud. The goal of Anonymous is to dismantle the cult that is Scientology. If a religion remains after that is torn down, it is of no concern to Anonymous or me. In its present form, Scientology is a cult – not a religion. Arguing over semantics and equivocations is useless.

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