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Anonymous Tribute

September 1, 2012 by admin  
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www.du-bist-anonymous.de www.hidemyass.com/youtube-proxy de.wikipedia.org

This video will show you how to get on any website on a school computer, a work computer, or any computer that has a firewall, proxy, or anything else that is preventing you from going where you want to go on the internet. This is 100% safe, 100% legal, and is guaranteed to work on any computer whether it is a windows OR mac, you will get the same result; A fast, anonymous, and easy way to browse the internet without being bothered. Download Link: adamluftig.blogspot.com


16 Responses to “Anonymous Tribute”
  1. Ashman097 says:

    Blog not found! could you please put up a? new link, please

  2. DimitarTNT says:

    I hate when school’s always have to? block site’s.

  3. joscmc says:

    @HockeyFanMan1000 Ye it doesn’t but I was able to get it working as there is a ported? version on piratebay

  4. HockeyFanMan1000 says:

    ultrasurf doesnt? work on macs….

  5. mccclearn says:

    WATCH PORN if? its been blocked and request your favorite videos to be posted check my video out.. my sites passes blocking.. THANKS also comment

  6. joscmc says:

    Nah, can’t beat ultrasurf for? both mac and windows!!!!

  7. theycallhimcoen says:

    @MegaGirlyful huh? i always though it says pro midnight, so in midnight, lol searched wiki,, my fault, kinda dump from? me lol. cya

  8. MegaGirlyful says:

    it’s was like? 1:30 in the afternoon that’s not really late

  9. theycallhimcoen says:

    hey lol you? how funny you’re actually right =[) well hope you enjoyed your birthday !! and what i dont really get,, why did he made this vid so damn late =() lol

    haha grtz !!

  10. MegaGirlyful says:

    @theycallhimcoen if you look closely on the video @? 1:06 it says 4/18/10 so yea I really do know

  11. theycallhimcoen says:

    lol? maybe this is his present to you so become happy with that fact, and let me laugh about that, thats his uploaddate, you will never know if he actually made it that day. hope i said enough lol

  12. megajellyboy says:

    thats nice?

  13. MegaGirlyful says:

    OMG he made this? on my birthday

  14. ubergoofball says:

    this looks really cool but i think i’ll ask this before anybody claims it’s “FAKE” or other blatant comments that show disbelief.
    did you do this on a? school computer? and if not, would it be possible to make a video that shows this program working on a school computer?

  15. Thewemoth says:

    His blog is down :/
    But here? is the link! :D
    (You can check that its right with the video)

  16. ikillualnight says:

    You’re totally? Awesome!!! :)

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