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Anonymous Surfing is more than using an Anonymous Proxy

November 11, 2010 by admin  
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download here: If you cant figure it out for yourself, this program is meant to be used along side a torrent program such as utorrent or bittorrent. Instead of extracting these slightly edited files (there was a glitch that i fixed on the installers shown in the video) just download the installers from below. (they fixed it in the new version of Peer guardian)

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS IF DONT KNOW HOW TO USE PROXIES OR IF YOU DONT LIVE IN US!!! This is 1st Part of video series “Get FREE BATTLEFUNDS” You need to Have Firefox to get free Battlefunds… You will need to download Foxyproxy to change proxy. You need to do this because if you have non-US IP adress the site wont let you to do surveys! In Google type “anonymous proxy list us” and click 4th from top!

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25 Responses to “Anonymous Surfing is more than using an Anonymous Proxy”
  1. Eric1HBK2 says:

    @Godforce004 just click on the red cloud lol

  2. Godforce004 says:

    the gree thing on the screen stays on throughout the whole vid -.-

  3. mrcrazy5678 says:

    i forgot how to get it :(

  4. ruidragon18 says:

    @01Betmen it’s virus -.-

  5. Ziinoboi says:

    i cant find site

  6. KakaTheBestmt2 says:

    can i still click? the usa thing even if i dont live in USA??

  7. KakaTheBestmt2 says:

    can i still click? the usa thing even if i dont live in USA??

  8. MrSumi66 says:

    Can you link the site to me, i cant find it

  9. MrSumi66 says:

    can i still click the usa thing even if i dont live in USA?

  10. TheAlit1996 says:

    i can’t get onto the website…

  11. 01Betmen says:

    download battlefunds generator:

  12. sokka454 says:

    @NohhPutsuTV nah dude its not even worth it i mean i takes for ever!!!!1 like months

  13. NohhPutsuTV says:

    @sokka454 use swagbucks

  14. sokka454 says:

    @NohhPutsuTV no swag bucks is gay

  15. NohhPutsuTV says:

    use Swagbucks

  16. darkmario2007 says:


  17. Cheesepickles22 says:

    @darkmario2007 sorry guys but the program i was useing doesnt work any more. battlefield heroes updated and also the advertisers who suport it ditched it D:

  18. darkmario2007 says:

    @Cheesepickles22 I want battlefunds the real way.

  19. Cheesepickles22 says:

    @jscastillo1 ok ill send u a link.

  20. jscastillo1 says:

    @Cheesepickles22 i want free battlfunds the real way

  21. XScopedSniperX says:

    come see my vid it will tell you how 2 get free battle funds easy read the description and it will give you a link and tell you how

  22. Cheesepickles22 says:

    send me a message if you want a real free way to get battlefunds.

  23. Oliebol1123 says:

    FREE BATTLEFUNDS! GO TO THIS SITE JUST SIGN UP AND UR DONE b a t t l e f u n d s . c o m / ? r e f = 7 9 4

  24. ower2006 says:


  25. Trietle2 says:

    @Oliebol1123 omg spam master

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