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Anonymous Surfing – Change Your IP Address To Protect Your Identity Online

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anonymousproxy4 Anonymous Surfing   Change Your IP Address To Protect Your Identity OnlineWith the growing number of hackers and identity thieves out there, there is also an increase in need for ways to protect our identity online. This has led to a high rise in the number of people searching the internet for ways to go about anonymous surfing. Because of this, there is a free web-based application, called web proxy, that have been developed to change your IP but it does not come without its own shortcomings.

There are also commercial applications available that help do the job of anonymous surfing. It is called the hide-your-ip software. By installing it on your computer, it does a real-time protection of your identity. Whether you are browsing the net, chatting or shopping, your internet protocol address will be hidden from sniffers.

There is a limit to what you can do with the web proxy. Because they cannot open secured http, you may be able to open your email box. Another limitation they exhibit is that cannot play videos and several other media. Proxies also have problem loading javascript on them. There are arguments that anyone using a web proxy can easily be detected by administrators of website you visit.

Therefore, web-based applications are only good for casual internet browsers. If you are one who just visits sites to get latest updates or you only seek for information on websites, and you do not want your location to be known, then you can change your IP with these applications.

All you have to do is visit one of the proxy website, and then type in your destination website. It will take you to the site you requested but the site will not register your IP but that of the proxy server. Again, there is a limit to the number of sites you can open at once because these web applications are usually slow due to the number of people using them.

A serious internet user cannot settle for free proxy with all its problems. Anyone who knows that stakes will be high if his internet protocol address is exposed must learn anonymous surfing with the use of paid applications. It is a pretty sure way to protect your identity online. With it, you can do your online shopping without fears.

This program does not affect the speed of your internet or the amount of web pages you can open at once as free web applications do. You can also visit secured websites and chat without any hassle.

It does not end there, it can also change your IP to your desired choice, and also helps protect your computer from hackers and identity thieves. It is just right for you to get one of these hide-your-IP software installed on your computer and begin anonymous surfing.

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