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Anonymous Proxy – Everything People Need to Know about Proxy Servers

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Anonymous Proxy – Everything People Need to Know about Proxy Servers

You can’t beat an anonymous proxy if you want to be anonymous on the internet. If you have ever wanted to access websites at work or school or were worried about websites and webmasters tracking your activity, then a proxy server is the best solution to internet anonymity. Many offices and schools now commonly block a wide number of websites. Myspace and facebook are usually always near the top of sites to block by school admins. Schools usually block sites like this because they believe they don’t contribute to students’s needs, so they are usually blocked. If this sounds like the kind of problems you face on a daily basis when trying to access your favorite sites, then you can’t go past the power of an anonymous proxy server.

What makes proxy servers so powerful and effective? Changing your IP is the only reliable way to anonymity on the internet. IP addresses are what allows websites to track your approximate location. By looking at someone’s IP you can see which company they are using to access the internet with and which country and usually city they are currently in. Proxy servers allocate a different IP to you while you are online and this makes it possible for you to be anonymous because the IP people see is not the real one your home computer is using. They have no way of telling where you really are. This is how proxy servers make you anonymous online. IPs identify users on the internet and when you change your IP you change your identity. A proxy server can even give you an IP address from a completely different country.

So what proxy server should you use to be anonymous online? If you’ve been on the internet for a while then you will probably even have seen people selling anonymous proxy lists or anonymous proxy software. The best kind of proxy to use to be anonymous is one that you setup yourself. Setting up a proxy is much easier than many people think. While you can get free proxies, what you will usually find is that since they are free they are very slow or aren’t really 100% anonymous. Your own proxy server means you have complete control over how fast and reliable it is. Proxy server speed is essential when it comes to internet anonymity. You’ll actually find that the software you setup your proxy with is very cheap. In fact, the best software for proxies doesn’t cost anything. You will only have to pay a minimal fee to actually host your proxy server.

There are many things you can do with your own anonymous proxy. They make it possible for you to get IPs from almost anywhere in the world, making it impossible for anyone to track your real location. It will also make it possible for you to access websites which you normally couldn’t. Social networking and video sites are the usual kind of websites which schools and work places block. If you are looking for a proxy server solution, then you can’t beat setting up your own anonymous proxy server.

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