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Anonymous Pirating on a Mac

April 16, 2012 by admin  
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This is a how- to video on being anonymous while using your Mac. If you are using a torrent sharing website this is a must know. SO YOU DONT GET CAUGHT! I have put all the links that you need below. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. I DO NOT CONDONE STEALING, PIRATING, HACKING OR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITES AND WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY. – (Firefox) – (proxy server, the onion thing) – (anonymous web browser)

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24 Responses to “Anonymous Pirating on a Mac”
  1. theunifyer says:

    Hey, dumbass, the P2P application still exposes your IP address… Fucking idiot…?

  2. emmett12345678 says:

    i want to torrent using utorrent or bittorent on a mac with tor but i dont know how to change to the right? proxies etc.

  3. sfinga151 says:

    On admin account you need to set Proxies (Apple – System? Preferences – Network – Ethernet – Advanced – Proxies): Web Proxy, Secure Web Proxy, FTP Proxy and Gopher Proxy to : 8118

  4. sfinga151 says:

    Yes, but it is? more difficult.

  5. sfinga151 says:

    I wanted it to, but YouTube doesn’t let? me…

  6. killerplay19 says:

    how do you set it up with safari? mind sharing please. is there a way to route transmission through vidalia/tor as? well?

  7. sfinga151 says:

    It is possible that because you have a? different ISP (i.e Japanese ISP) that your browser translated it automatically. Like it does sometimes for other pages… I have disabled that in the first second…

  8. sfinga151 says:

    Vidalia or Tor does? work with Safari (what you said at 2:41 isn’t really true) but it’s a little more difficult to set it up… well difficult being a relative term…

  9. TotalGuitardude says:

    When I go into the ad-ons tab in tools on firefox, the layout is different plus vidalia isn’t in any of the folders in the ad in folder itself e.g plug ins, themes… where is it and? how do you enable it on firefox 3.6.13?

  10. TheElfucko says:

    can people find my ip address without me? downloading anything?

  11. Xeblade says:

    I keep getting ’514? Authentication required’?

  12. chavezery says:

    @spalooch45 what @CbarDubstep said is fairly untrue, if you download anything while in tor, it can potentially unmask your identity because there is a direct? and unencrypted connection between your computer and the server that you are downloading from, meaning that the server will be able to view your real ip address… if you download ProXPN, (there is a free version) and run it while using tor, you will be able to download without this threat, though the warning will still come up.

  13. CbarDubstep says:

    It’s fake.. It says that so? you buy fake programs to “hide” your IP.

  14. spalooch45 says:

    also when i try to download the torrent off a website it tells me that its unsafe and that it may unmask me if i download it. i don’t know what? to do.

  15. spalooch45 says:

    is it alright if your text on websites change when vidalia is enabled. example: i had vidalia on and when i went to youtube to check something, it was all in japanese. just want? to make sure that everything is okay.

  16. MrCheckerboys says:


  17. colin8696908 says:

    this has nothing to do with? pirating why don’t you go over something like peer guardian.

  18. Iphonable says:

    Well, You’d be surprised. The movie producing companies don’t care as much as the music producing companies. One of my friends torrented a ton of movies awhile back. Then Warner Brothers sent him a letter saying that his ISP had emailed? them saying he was illegally downloading “Harry Potter”. They told him to stop or they’d seek legal action and his ISP said if he didn’t stop they’d refuse service to him ever again.

  19. moodie69 says:

    You then get sued from the makers of the movie (studios) for copyright ifnrigement act.?

  20. jonnyboywasheretoday says:

    hehe get caught watching porn XD?

  21. Iphonable says:

    That’s cute. You think you’re anonymous. Best case scenario:? the movie producing companies contact your ISP and tell them what’s going on and then your ISP notifies you, disconnects your service and refuses to give you service ever again.

  22. Iphonable says:


  23. roboguy1215 says:

    I connect to the internet through my? college, so if I use a proxy will they be able to detect it? In order to connect to the internet, I have to enter my specific username and password.

  24. mohsin213jc says:

    very? helpful… thanks

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