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Join us on the IRC – #opTunisia French subtitles added – click CC ——————————————————————————- DEAR CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, The time for truth has arrived. A time for freedom and transparency. A time for people to express themselves freely and to be heard from anywhere across the world. Yet, the Tunisian government has decided it wants to control this present with falsehoods and misinformation and restrict the freedoms of their own people – all of this in order to impose upon them their own self-serving vision of the future. However, they can only accomplish this goal by keeping the truth hidden from its citizens and by putting restrictions on the free access of information. In doing so, the Tunisian government has made itself an enemy of ANONYMOUS. ANONYMOUS can not and will not remain silent while this happens. ANONYMOUS has heard the cries for freedom from the Tunisian people and has decided to help them win this battle against oppression. ANONYMOUS believes there have been and will be further changes in the way the world is organized, so that nevermore will small groups of people be able to restrain the fundamental freedoms of the collective that is humankind. ANONYMOUS therefore believes the Tunisian attempts at censorship are doomed to failure if only we, ANONYMOUS, the people, take up our individual responsibilities. For if only we decide to make it so – it will be done. To the Tunisian government

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25 Responses to “ANONYMOUS – OPERATION TUNISIA – A Press Release”
  1. raedvolkano says:

    We love you Anonymous !! We hope you keep doing your? good work !

  2. sosotono says:

    Long? live Tunisia !

  3. myGodsAreAliens says:

    Rebellion!! Yesssss! Im fuckin sick of governments. They cant control free minds. And governments have been lying to humanity about mankinds true creation story. Religion is all a diversion. But archaeologists are uncovering artifacts dating up to 18,000? years old!, time to wake up people the truth is buried

  4. islouma says:

    Ya 7aaaaaaasra ?

  5. TheMitrusa says:


  6. PAINmedia says:

    Fucking anonymous is a bunch of fags these days, in the “good” old days they? were people worth respect! now they are just a bunch of moralfags doing… pretty much nothing!

  7. dude16aws says:

    at 0:20 one my teachers has a poster of that and it says courage on? it awesome

  8. shichemt says:

    Best? memories .. 8 months ago

  9. brainslurper says:

    We did that about? 200 years ago.

  10. touchmyanonymous says:

    Not you guys(the? anonymous), future people.

  11. touchmyanonymous says:

    You anonymous people are good and not good… Youre good because you? want justice and peace for all people, but sometimes you can go a little overboard… Technology is evolving, and so are all those stupidasses.

  12. antarius07 says:

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support . By helping Tunisian you helped the whole Humanity long live Freedom Dignity for all Humanity? !!!

  13. committeesq says:

    Transparent? ? Transparent?

    “No on expects the Spanish Inquisition” “We do not forget” “We do not forgive.” “We are legion”

    Youtube litter.

  14. michaelvick190 says:

    popland204 obviously your stupidass doesnt want justice and the truth…maybe you still want to be locked under the government’s control but we dont….is losing all those achievements that your earned over the years worthit?i say yes..I want justice.I want freedom.I want the truth.and yes i would give up my? ps3 for those three things…..J.F.T is the way to peace!

  15. 08aircraft says:

    you are as gay as me and I? am super gay

  16. TheSeattleboii says:

    QQ moar. ?

  17. MrRobert422 says:

    i am anonymous
    attacking? next (xbox360 servers)
    we are anonymous

  18. goody657 says:

    shut your? fucking mouth MUG

  19. wulf8121 says:

    Is it just me,? or is the very first cyber global war starting?

  20. LLMood says:

    what voice software is he using? ..

  21. SMKRgaming says:

    @SMKRgaming. Cont’d: …Now you are so butthurt because you can’t play COD? Look at? the bigger picture here.

  22. SMKRgaming says:

    @patpoland2004 anonymous isn’t doing this to PSN, another outside hacking group is using anonymous’ retaliation against Sony (against sony’s abuse of power and taking away of the legal programs the PS3 had to offer). Don’t believe what the news says about anonymous, they are not cyber terrorists or hackers, and you should be thanking them for their efforts. They helped entire countries keep their cries for help up on? the net that were against their oppressive governments. Now you are so butthur

  23. patpoland2004 says:

    Fuck you guys, i already express myself freely.. fuck you guys for hacking ps network.. u made thousands of my hard earned dollars worthless all my hardware is worthless, all my games, achievments, thousands of dollars…. ill nevr get back. now people are switching to xbox live, i EXPECT a response at somepoint because im spamming all your shitty fucking movies about nothing.. i hear crying. and bullshit fuck you guys… all of? you guys

  24. thenoob400 says:

    i agree. they? have a strong point.

  25. gloklowded says:

    these guys? r so right!!!!

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