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Anonymous Operation-Facebook

December 5, 2012 by admin  
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OUR IRC adf.ly visit our offical website adf.ly join us on face book adf.ly want to take part in our ddos attacks well the download link is bellow www.easy-share.com links to ip hiders and proxy servers adf.ly adf.ly ANON-IS-AT-WAR hackers visa master card message to paypal petrol we are anonymous hacking the psn and fox news 4chan /b/ love hate crime truth seekers do not forgive forget expect us sony ps3 ps4 xbox mircsoft pay pal How-To-Join-Anonymous-A-Beginners-Guide-On-How-To-Join-Anony mous What Are We Capable Of THIS IS ANONYMOUS Anonymous-threatens-Bernanke-OR-IS-THIS-A-CIA-PSYOP -AGAINST-INTERNET-FREEDOM Dad, can I have 50 Cent to buy a 2pac of Eminem’s? Cmon its no Biggie and 2 other pagesChris Brown Nicki Minaj.Cyanide & Happiness – BookTeamwork Inspirational CompTIA Security+ SY0-301: 3.5 – Zero-day Attacks


13 Responses to “Anonymous Operation-Facebook”
  1. Lawrence Alba says:


  2. itatchisasku says:

    @Phamonsterz? me too it feels hella creepy especially since I’m in my room in the dark….o_o’

  3. itatchisasku says:

    Its? robot voice to disguise his real voice

  4. SpiderGuyVmk says:

    people dont have to use companys products and companies dont have to sell us or give us there products. using programs, sites, and devices are a privilige not a right? and companies could easily take that all away from us so if you dont like something you put in all of the hard work and time and come up with your own software the way you want it or site? or device

  5. tango74n90 says:

    this make my day! Lets go Anon!?

  6. GAGE2008 says:

    WoooooW? its a real Big think! People might just jump out of windows if FB goes under……..lol I say great plz make people sane again!

  7. cristian121957 says:

    take down club penguin leave facebook unless? plz

  8. French Juliani says:

    ooooooooo hell? no!

  9. Lea11011 says:

    No. We just need to take google, fb, yt , ms etc from this criminals. And this’s what we’re? doing.

  10. cold4eva says:


  11. Phamonsterz says:

    Their? messages always creep me out

  12. joonipuur says:

    I am well-aware that Facebook is a government-run site. I don’t care.? They can obtain your information any way they want if they truly want it. Don’t put your faith in Anonymous. Have they really accomplished anything so far? No. Why? Because they don’t have good intentions. They are psy-ops.

  13. joonipuur says:

    Instead of Al Quada we have Anonymous. Instead of 9/11 we have hacktivists taking down major websites. Both are the same. And why are they the same? Because TPTB are behind it.? These ‘terrorists’ give the government(s) an excuse to do whatever they want. First it was to invade the Middle East for our own greedy purposes. And now it’s to shut down the internet and begin implementing Marshall Law.

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