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Anonymous in Action

February 15, 2012 by admin  
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Anonymous in Action Our Website: Our Twitter Our Facebook: IRC: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

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24 Responses to “Anonymous in Action”
  1. Schwein41 says:


  2. KitKat5533 says:


  3. astroid2010 says:

    Bahahaha? Lulz

  4. tyleraverette says:

    Lmfao? this isn’t anonymous this is lulz-sec these are lulz!

  5. Tomi0502 says:

    U GUYS RULE ! ! !? ! ! !

  6. nozrey says:

    asuuuu… la cagada!!!…? es cierto eso???

  7. Littletreeispissed says:

    Omaha Nebraska.. Mutual Of Omaha Building
    Lincoln Ne.. Holiday INN…or the FED
    BTW…. LOVE IT!!!!?

  8. sunseed37 says:

    ooohhhhhh, pure brilliance…love the? lulz…hehe

  9. b03y says:

    As a wise internet commentor once? said, “FAKE AND GAY!”

  10. khujii6 says:

    i? saw this aggggggesssss ago, is this anonymous?

  11. mcdowall1995 says:

    Is this really 2 members of the anonymous group taking? over a buildings lights and turning it into a video game

  12. superguy2111 says:

    Haha? wow

  13. VegetaVision777 says:

    like if u had a reaction like? Anonymous Did

  14. TheAnonMessage says:


  15. likejoke525 says:

    Hahaha? nice work xDD

  16. SleipnerStudios says:

    @SleipnerStudios Also all of the user interface is graphical and quite fancy, and takes too much time to achieve if you are programming the control software (which is likely since the hardware looks homemade too)… it’d be a lot easier to do everything thru a command prompt? or a terminal emulator…
    I don’t know any residential building with the automation capabilities of this one, but it is still possible.

  17. SleipnerStudios says:

    @kapaionut i think you are right… the “zoom”? to the windows looks somewhat rare. Also, at 1:10, the countdown screen is way too sophisticated for a joke… i mean, you really need to waste some time to get that working, unless it’s just a video or a presentation they put on the screen for this video…

  18. kapaionut says:

    @ikwistgeennaam5000 =)) How stupid can you be to think that? is real =))

  19. ikwistgeennaam5000 says:

    @kapaionut How can i be fake u idiot??

  20. Predator14BV says:

    is this for real? :O?

  21. thebestofprankcalls says:

    i? wonder what the building would look like if they were playing battlefield 3

  22. kapaionut says:

    Guys, this is a cheap video fake, it`s not real, it can`t be done for real, only if a building is prepared? for that(all the lights switched on), anyway, you can see when it zooms to that window that the image was replaced.

  23. MrEnno2007 says:

    Whats the song 0:32? ?

  24. MrBonecrusherz98 says:

    @HDDrizzy Are you stupid or what? You know it’s true, even? you and me are Anonymous.

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