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Anonymous: I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street.

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Anonymous: I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street. please share with everyone, including your leaders. Mirroring is encouraged, but pls don’t change video in any way. This video is meant to be a warning to our leaders. The filmmaker wants to come to NYC to film and do a more thorough follow-up film, anyone who can support with secure lodging near lower Manhattan pls get in touch. Including amazing shots from Alex Mallis Our Website: Our Twitter Our Facebook: IRC: We Are Anonymous. We are RevoluSec We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Revolution.


18 Responses to “Anonymous: I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street.”
  1. aekleful says:

    Having freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble, and freedom of speech, does not? mean you can go around being scumbags ruining a city for your petty ‘voices to be heard’ crap. No one censored the demands of OWS. We all know what you want, and your not getting it. Grow up, be and adult, and start contributing to society instead of whining.

  2. StreinjFilms says:

    I am a 17 year old filmmaker. I hope one day I can look back and say ‘my voice was heard’ reach out, in whatever way you can: music, writing, film, pictures; anyway and stand. This? is history in the making, be a part of that history.

  3. david1austin says:

    see related: police in riot gear, with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber? bullets:

    Ground Footage of Occupy Oakland March and Crowd Dispersal [KTVU]

    @1:35 – “move now or you will be arrested, if you refuse to move now chemical agents will be used. I am Sargeant Bates, police officer for the City of Oakland. I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly … you will be subject to removal by force if necessary”, explosions and gas @2.52

  4. Owlbearwolf2 says:

    Only one presidential candidate would lobby congress to disenfranchise these fractional reserve banks if elected. Do I really need to say his name? I? need a break from typing those seven letters in that particular order.

  5. commandorando123 says:

    Lies and double talk,? wake up

  6. 8712222q says:

    Great? one!

  7. thehurricaine23 says:

    days of action start tomorrow! ? pick a target…make a difference

  8. YearwigY says:

    hypocrisy at its best?

  9. silk1430 says:

    I have been sending this to everyone I know. I am? trying to make it almost viral!

  10. knightnoctum says:

    Don’t let your backside in a seat define you, Join in and help your children have a better future!!!?

  11. HarleyquinnPhoenix says:

    I was? crying… this video is incredible.

  12. gondor124 says:

    This film documents the breaking point. It will be a part of every documentary of this peaceful revolution. I can’t? say bravo enough!

  13. getplaning says:

    Brilliant.? Just brilliant.

  14. Bora4D says:

    benutzt doch mein outro -.-?

  15. TimmyLongfellow says:

    We live in a hypocrisy! Revolution!! ?

  16. akirrab00 says:

    nicely edited.? very nice indeed. cheers!

  17. Amomentforever says:

    wow, pretty amazing? short film, showing the reality, but also what the goverment says.
    Thx for share.

  18. Amomentforever says:

    NICEEE(havenĀ“t? watched yet)

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