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Anonymous Hackers Target TOPIX.COM

September 28, 2012 by admin  
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default Anonymous Hackers Target TOPIX.COM

Topix posts are harming adults and children right now yet Topix refuses to archive or adequately moderate their site and according to court documents dedicates less than ten humans to moderate over 300000 forums. Topix claims to be a news site but they neither investigate, author, nor edit news. Web searches on Topix generally bring up local gossip, slander and trash forums. Topix claims to be a community but their community apparently receives over 1000 complaints a day and is not considered to be a valuable social networking tool by a single mainstream third party that we can locate. They claim to remove abusive posts within three days but our poll shows that very few requests are honored. Topix tricks search engines into landing on its site, to sell ads for profit some of which goes to GANNETT, TRIBUNE and McClatchy.

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11 Responses to “Anonymous Hackers Target TOPIX.COM”
  1. odo545 says:

    Rick Keller is? anonymous?

  2. vettacossx says:


  3. vettacossx says:

    i shared any private data i could snag on any local gossipers anything that was not NEWS got it..Then I shared every ddos tool under the sun i could with as many VICTIMS as i could? find to allow them to DEFEND THEMSELF FROM SLANDER AND LIES WITHIN NEWS THIS IS MISLEADING AND NOT TRANSPARENT FREE INFORMATION IT IS SLANDER THAT CAUSED A MURDER…..3 INFACT

  4. An0niv3lli says:

    once behind a? proxy Que?

  5. ziola67 says:

    Can not? understand a word. Glad i can read.

  6. vettacossx says:

    it is obvious to me after the death of a few children that not only can our? gossip and slander and bad netiquette hurt other people but it can also lead to a manifestation of violence and death … YES ITS A COMPUTER BUT THERE ARE REAL HUMAN BEINGS BEHIND THOSE NAMES PLACES OF WORK ECT .. reality is just abstract potential it awaits our intent to manifest itself

  7. vettacossx says:

    very little of actual NEWS ever gets reported when yu only have 10 moderators for 300,ooo domains that will happen i guess…

    Then a FEW KIDS DIE WHO ARE NOT EVEN OF AN ACCOUNTABLE AGE BECAUSE THIS PLACE HAS NO MODERATION…just slander and? gossip and generally disrespectful bad netiquette….

  8. vettacossx says:

    more over TRANSPARENCY IN? NEWS IS IMORTANT….Gossip and mis-information in a SO CALLED news site IS NOT…

  9. vettacossx says:

    when people die it is time to step back and weigh out the pro’s and cons? of our gossip…..

  10. kellerr13 says:

    Anonymous against all forms? of censorship. it is their site and they may post what they like. If people do not like it, then don’t go to the site.

    Parents are responsible to control their childrens surfing habits, and if the children are too old to be under the control of the parents, then the parents need to let go and let and get over it.

    We are Anonymous. Expect us.

  11. MonkeyCrossing2 says:

    It’s their site, they can do whatever the hell they want? on their site

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