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Anonymous Fast Elite Private US Proxies

December 11, 2011 by admin  
Filed under Videos We provide United States (US) Private Anonymous ELITE Proxies that are NOT shared, for just about any legal use including legitimate webmailing. We currently do NOT do Shared Proxies as we strongly believe that’s actually a scam usage for old proxies that have been run ragged and burnt out at various social networking sites so it’s kind of pointless reselling them, instead we drop them and get new cblocks that are fresh and usable. To us, shared proxies are like using the rubbish bin leftover food scraps from other diners in a restaurant to create your meal you ordered, very unsafe. Our Proxies are also commonly known by the following terms… 1. Private Proxies 2. Anonymous Proxies 3. Elite Proxies 4. Facebook Proxies* 5. Unshared Proxies 6. Best Proxies 7. Youtube Proxies* 8. Fast Proxies 9. Scrapebox Proxies* 10. Myspace Proxies* 11. US Proxies 12. Proxies

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