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Anonymous – Every bank is evil?!

August 28, 2012 by admin  
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###PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION### WARNING! This was made by a german person! Please do not hate because of languege-mistakes!! (Thats why comments are disabled, i will not understand/be able to answer your comments icon wink Anonymous   Every bank is evil?! ) I just made this for the not-german youtubers, so they can understand it. It is not my dutiy to do!!!! German Video: Hello. We are Anonymous. We wish to get your attention, because their is a story wich must be told. Many people do not understand why Anonymous or a big part of Anonymous thinks that every bank is evil. Well, it seems you do not understand our system, so listen carefully, maybe you learn something in this video. Let us start at the beginning. In our world-wide-system, we are just consuments and do not create things urselves. The result of this system is, that on the one hand some people do not know where they should sleep this night, about on the other hand other people are very rich. Well, normally you have to tribute very much things to keep youself alive in this system. But do that the banks too? No. They give you the option to let them take your money and give you more money back. But do you really get more money back? You can get money from the bank too, but then you are paying more money to the bank as the bank does if it is taking your money. Of course, you are thinking now, if they would not do this the bank could not life. But it does not have to life. The bank is just good for itself. Now you will say: Why? We get

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