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Anonymous Browsing with the Amazon EC2 Cloud

November 22, 2012 by admin  
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How to set up a high speed anonymous internet presence using the Amazon EC2 cloud and a VISA gift card.

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12 Responses to “Anonymous Browsing with the Amazon EC2 Cloud”
  1. ratpfink1 says:

    What is wrong with you assholes? You didn’t think it might be slightly significant to teach people? what is in the batch file in a tutorial on youtube? Thanks for wasting my time you pricks.

  2. thesbros99 says:

    I don’t even browse anonymous on the Internet, but.. just use a proxy… This is kinda a? waste of time…

  3. haltomj says:

    You would need to access from a public or hijacked Wi-Fi spot, ideally via SSH (also available in EC2). Otherwise, they’d still trace you back to your home IP. Your Amazon agreement gives them the right to release their log data to authorities.? Case in point: PSN hacking as well as Aaron Swartz. Google it. And if you’re really paranoid, make sure you have a network card where you can specify your own MAC address. I’m not aware of any, but a hotspot router could potentially log your MAC.

  4. WinterXL says:

    Haha, I was wondering what this? was all about.

    Seems like a nice bit of ribbing for those anonymity-crazed folks. ;)

  5. smudgepost says:

    Traffic from your home IP to the cloud? via your ISP is still open.

  6. HansTheGeek says:

    The problem is Amazon has your? IP!

  7. TehBugster says:

    pay as you go sim? card

  8. tendimension says:

    Ok, this was done a LOOOOOONG time ago on a very short time frame? by guys that simply did not give a shit. Please take that into account. In the meantime, this method is still more or less viable overall. For added fun and profit, you probably want to bounce through a few proxies like this and perhaps a paid VPN service as well. I’ve gotten back into researching such things and if I get a good tutorial going I’ll post it.

  9. tpaste606 says:

    Funny how you stress the purchase of the card, yet you? make no attempt to mask your network….

  10. marathon330 says:

    One point missing is that you need a cell phone number to verify your Amazon account. So if you want to be 100 percent anonymous you’ll need to figure out how to? work that one.

  11. Yiling Cao says:

    why not setup proxy or? vpn?

  12. Stefano Gaudio says:

    Finally I got to see a how to setup a terminal server session in the? amazon cloud. Awesome!

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