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Anonymous: A weapon of “choice”

June 10, 2012 by admin  
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To be anonymous is our weapon of choice. Stand beside us, put yourself behind the mask, as we seek Freedom from oppression. We must all unite as one. Operation onslaught – July 30th Music – Eventide – Brand X music OUR IRC visit our offical website join us on face book want to take part in our ddos attacks well the download link is bellow links to ip hiders and proxy servers

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default Anonymous: A weapon of choice

Join us and Say NO to ACTA. Dear Citizends of the world. We are anonymous. Join us now for your resistance on the internet. We are your last hope. your future is now, and is in great danger. Please get behind a proxy and do your part on protest and stay anonymous. Or else, our freedom of speech, sharring ideas and sharing information will be no more. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Govenment should have Expected us citizens.

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18 Responses to “Anonymous: A weapon of “choice””
  1. Mystic1point618 says:


  2. nibiru355 says:

    omg LOL i couldn’t stop laughing xD?

  3. MrNatwill2 says:

    Will someone please explain? to me what this was even about? Too vague.

  4. YouAreAllMaggots says:

    lol? what a joke

  5. Mystic1point618 says:

    I would encouraging you to educate yourself a bit more about Anonymous….. Anonymous is an Idea… you cannot “infiltrate” an idea. Whatever your beef is with Mr Kokesh is, it is your own. Anonymous cannot be represented by one? person, You are proposing to fight against an “Idea” because of a person, for this very reason you will fail. I do not agree nor disagree with your opinion of Adam, what you or I think is irrelevant if he believes in the Idea.

  6. jjtb4v says:

    Anonymous has been infiltrated by the tea party, and I will fight you every step of the way. Adam Kokesh? is a tea partier and until he and the koch influence has been removed, anonymous is just a danger to freedom. What is the plan? to STOP anonymous. I know there are anon that are not involved, and they need to fight Adam Kokesh with every fiber of their being – because I will.

  7. searchinmystic says:

    I LOVED this? video. Very good.
    …. Left me wanting more tho.

  8. version1611 says:

    We will not falter, we will not fail.? United as one and divided by zero we stand!

  9. Alpha6059 says:

    Trully? impressive!

  10. esquire6667 says:

    the biggest mistake those tyrants in office are making is that they see the internet as a place that can be controled like any other. They fail to realize that it is a hivemind, that grows stronger the more force they throw at it. We cannot be? stopped, the uprising of freedom and true liberty is coming, and those in power are powerless to stop us.

  11. Mystic1point618 says:

    We must become Conscious to Rebel – We must Rebel? to become Conscious.

  12. Mystic1point618 says:

    1:09 – Never underestimate the power? of a HuG

  13. Mystic1point618 says:

    Yes…. WE? (humanity) ARE THE CHANGE

  14. Mystic1point618 says:

    Thank? you.

  15. TruthSeekingElf says:


  16. Mystic1point618 says:

    thank you?

  17. runebagel says:

    another great? video!

  18. LadyInBlackLavi says:


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