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Anonymity Online (1/9)

July 27, 2012 by admin  
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Wish to become anonymous online? Broadcasting live tech tutorials every week! www.exploitnation.org Download the pack: exploitnation.org

Don’t you hate it when a video is not available in your country? 99% of the time it’s the fault of greedy record labels. Use proxy.maxproxy.net to watch blocked videos or to visit blocked sites at school (or in China lol). A nice side effect is that it anonymizes your traffic If this does not work for you, use a “real” proxy from: maxproxy.net (you need to choose a nontransparent one for Youtube to work) I have successfully tested this proxy with facebook. It may give you a warning because you are logging in from a different location (since your IP address changes) so you should try this at home first. //EDIT: Be sure to use https with any login while using a proxy! Music by: VulpVibe: renard.teknolust.org From the album “Squaredance” —– If you get redirected to google, try restarting your browser(which helped for me) or changing your DNS server!

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37 Responses to “Anonymity Online (1/9)”
  1. SupermarketsRevil says:

    The fuck is “anonomy”? You mean “anonymity”??

  2. amithacker1 says:

    What if i have a dynamic ip. I mean that whenever i shutdown my computer? and start it again or restart that modem my Ip address changes to a diffrent ip
    So can web administrators know what i was doing recently???
    PLz answer

  3. MuhammadVonRaven says:

    This might be a noob question, but? when I run a the ipconfig command, I see my IPv4 address as a 192.168-something, yet when I check out IP Chicken, a completely different address shows up. I’m not running any special routers, so what’s going on here?

  4. DylanLFS says:

    You think you could set up a basic tutorial maybe on setting up a? proxy? If it isn’t too much trouble.

  5. cwade12c says:

    I coded? it.

  6. DylanLFS says:

    Did you code upshere? Or are they just like? a partner site with you?

  7. killab6666 says:

    very nice :) ?

  8. cwade12c says:

    Thanks for? the suggestion, I got this Hi-Def new microphone, which should help. =)

    Check out my site if you have some time:

  9. DaimyoD0 says:

    Hey man, Nice vids.
    Really like ‘em keep them coming. Five stars. I subscribed a while ago, but I think I’m going to recommend you to all my tech savy buds.

    Not that I have anymore experience with vids(because trust me, I DON’T), but can I give you a suggestion?
    Download Audacity free offline, you can edit and cut up your audio.
    It might not work with things? synq with video, but I mean in general.
    You might also want to jot down a quick script.

  10. LemonyFromEXN says:

    You said? Anonymy, not Anonymity! :P

  11. cwade12c says:

    Thanks!! I’ll definitely keep things like this coming!

    Thanks for the? comment!

  12. cwade12c says:

    For sure!!?

  13. AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

    Give us something for the us and find a better way to make money than invade? our computer with useless adware.

  14. mmbros77 says:

    didn’t work, and? i’m in the usa

  15. saj55646 says:

    it? doesnt work -.-

  16. TheKingguy2001 says:

    hi i have adblock and i wanted to block a video and it block all the videos whene watch a video?

  17. jjjjrts says:

    cuz? proxtube.com sounds like a site for that.

  18. nils19972010 says:

    ^ this is german that means proxtube.com is? better and easier

  19. nils19972010 says:

    why porn??

  20. jjjjrts says:


  21. taffysaur says:

    does that include australia? didn’t work here either, maybe we have the same situation? as part of the comonwealth..?

  22. thelittlejf says:

    its? fucking 240p

  23. janehcho says:

    Thanks!? It worked!

  24. nils19972010 says:

    proxtube.com ist viel besser und? einfacher

  25. NDAclick1 says:

    do this work with movies?

  26. maxproxyDotTK says:

    Oh? Do you mean pop-unders that open behind your current browser window? I only get 2 ads, one at the top right in the proxy URL frame and one at the bottom of the screen. I do not have any influence on the ads (they are used to finance the service) but I could send the provider an? email if there are really annoying ads (e.g. with sound).

  27. maxproxyDotTK says:

    so many have that problem and I really don’t know? why, but I am investigating. Only once it happened to me,too, but restarting my browser (Firefox) fixed it.

  28. maxproxyDotTK says:

    :( I added an annotation that it does not? work for videos that are blocked in the UK, because the server/website is located in the UK.

  29. ASneekyDingo says:

    I keep getting? background adds that i cant shut off.

  30. Ginx131 says:

    when i click on link it just show me google start? but i came here to see how to unblock my blocked videos i wanna everyone see my videos :(

  31. xTenshiAi says:

    doesnt? work for me :(

  32. ILOVEAKD77 says:

    OMG thank you!!!!! I can watch my favorite shows now. You are a life? saver :) ))))

  33. maxproxyDotTK says:

    it’s the link of a video? shown in your browser (at the top). It looks like this: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=bNKqtqxbzLg [this for instance is the link/URL to this video]

  34. NIKEYOoOBOY says:

    how do i? know the url of a video

  35. nobulto17 says:

    this is official! thanks bro!?

  36. adz94wally says:

    dont? know if its illegal or not but seriously the SWAT aren’t going to raid your house and arrest you just because you bypassed a block on a youtube video. :)

  37. Honix5963 says:

    i go to the page and redirects to google wth?

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