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Anonym Proxy List – Why Anonymous Proxy Lists Aren’t Worth It

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Anonym Proxy List – Why Anonymous Proxy Lists Aren’t Worth It

Finding an anonym proxy list is very easy to do.  Just Google the phrase online and you’ll find plenty of websites with anonymous proxies that are completely free.  However, using free anonymous proxies is probably one of the worst things you can do.  Not only do they not provide 100% anonymity but they also are extremely slow.

Anonymous proxies often claim to be anonymous, but there are different kinds of anonymity when it comes to proxy servers.  The highest level of anonymity is elite anonymity or 100% anonymous.  Free anonymous proxies very rarely offer this kind of anonymity.  Most ofte, free proxies offer the lowest kind of anonymity where they do allow you to change your IP but the IP they let you use is easily detected as a proxy.  This means that many websites will still block your access because detecting an IP from a proxy server is very easy to do.  The best level of anonymity comes from elite proxies, something which free proxies can NOT deliver on.

Beyond not being 100% anonymous, free anonymous proxies are often very slow.  Sometimes they are so slow that it is better to use dial up access to surf the internet.  Free proxies are usually so slow because there are hundreds if not thousands of people trying to use them at the same time.  Obviously this is too much and the proxy server can not handle the amount of traffic and server load.

Finding an anonym proxy list isn’t hard, but there is a good chance that the list of proxies will be either dead or so slow that you are just wasting your time.  For a real anonymous proxy server solution, elite proxies are the best choice.

Setting up your own Elite Proxy is super easy. Use it as a Craigslist Proxy with your Craigslist PVA.


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