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A Tutorial on how to make a Proxy Website

November 5, 2011 by admin  
Filed under Videos How to make a Proxy Website full tutorial, http enjoy and please subscribe Proxy Scripts -Glype -PHP proxy -Zelune -CGI


7 Responses to “A Tutorial on how to make a Proxy Website”
  1. Swaales says:

    @vishnu7babu Try other’s like it such as i’ll be bringing another video to update this Fossil anyway soon

  2. vishnu7babu says:

    they deleted my account..cos 000webhost doesnt allow proxy hosting

  3. RayJohnson12 says:

    Love it.

    Combining it with some of my other talents :P Gonna wreck my college nao.

  4. SuperFishmonster says:


  5. coooly2 says:

    you can go on that site acttually at alot of schools most havnt banned it

  6. gangstachief2008 says:

    who’s been going on porn hub now ;)

  7. TheCrazyawesomeyeah says:

    Nice first vid swales

    if u didnt no its figgy =]

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