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16. Using Custom HTML – Weebly Guide

June 24, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Videos has the other 35 Weebly training videos. This video will show you how to add custom HTML code to your Weebly website. Sign up for a free CPA account Click this link for a running demonstration


50 Responses to “16. Using Custom HTML – Weebly Guide”
  1. Tara Davies says:


  2. Therebel3000 says:

    How can I add a separately scrolling? frame box to one side of my website using this? It would be quite handy for my weebly. Thanks!

  3. castro kula says:

    Excuse me, But do you happen to know how you can get the html for you site you make which you can put on other sites as? a direct link to it etc?

  4. PsychoMaTiic says:

    they tought me that at school :D ? Excellent vid

  5. Trevoulin2011 says:

    You are a Legend BOB :) ?

  6. silentseeker79 says:

    thank you for the amazing tip about the google gadgets. I wanted to ask you if you knew how to link an HTML embded code in weebly. Meaning if I create a banner 150px by 150 px and I embedded using weebly? HTML embedded feature, but then I want people to be able to click on this little banner to be linked to another page or website. Do u have an idea how it is done?

  7. suckitwood619 says:


  8. SuperChangeurlife says:

    for the love of god can some1 tell me how to resize? the weebly header picture, even if i delete it the pic i still got an empty white box. the pic is to big it takes 1/2 the page up. i dont want change just resizeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. PuzzleBoxService says:

    hmm… i think i might be? able to help. do you want people to send you messages that appear in your email inbox?

  10. sid11248 says:


  11. ReactProductions101 says:

    THANK YOU!!! This is awesome!!?

  12. howtocreatewebsite says:

    I’ve been watching video for html info.? Cheers. Mate

  13. irritatedfilmcritic says:

    Maybe someone can help me. I want less than 10 blog posts on? my weebly blog! Is there anyway to do this as weebly aren’t answering me.

  14. CoNNoRCfC22 says:

    hey could you help me please i was wondering on my page i have a contact page but when people submit there information to me it says field is incorrect and i dont have a messege in my email please help? me or create a tutorial on a working contact page please

  15. Madfoot713 says:

    Can you host your own html pages on weebly or are there limitations??

  16. yoyoyospacecadet says:

    Amazing help, thanks? you

  17. candybell357 says:

    Thank you sooo? much!

  18. RKxThisIsUs says:

    you go to edit html on design, then upload a file to “files” then go to? css, and background; transparent url (name of file.jpg) then the settings (center, right) yeah, that’s it.

  19. technopath100 says:

    so how do set a picture? from my hard drive as my background then?-anybody?

  20. krenuad says:

    can? it use php?

  21. hubermel says:

    Excellent! I went through your other tutorials. I found the weebly template that works perfectly for? me…except the header background color. How can I edit the CSS to change the backround color of my header from blue to green? Thanks!!

  22. neyiipot says:

    THANK? YOU :)

  23. grunge65432 says:

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  24. xTON1x says:


  25. rajja92 says:

    can u tell me? how to change the menu page icons , buttons plz tell me !

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  28. allvalluvme says:

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  29. drfawadkmc says:

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  32. allvalluvme says:

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  33. Proctie1 says:

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  36. allvalluvme says:

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  45. MrRrav says:

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